You cannot manage what you do not measure, so knowing your risk is critical to prevent cardiovascular disease. Understanding your risk starts from knowing your numbers.

Women, being the gatekeepers of their family, know many numbers by heart. Phone numbers, birthdays, PINs and passwords, etc. But do you know the most critical numbers for your heart?
Critical numbers for your heart include:
  Blood Pressure:
Blood Pressure Systolic BP (mmHg) Diastolic BP (mmHg)
Normal Less than 130 Less than 85
Borderline High 130 - 139 85 - 89
High 140 or greater 90 or greater
  Total Blood Cholesterol:
Total Blood Cholesterol (mmol/L [mg/dl])  
5.2 (200) Desirable  
5.2 – 6.1 (200 – 239) Borderline High  
≥ 6.2 (240) High  
  Fasting Blood Glucose:
Fasting Blood Glucose (mmol/L)  
≤ 6.0 Normal  
≥ 7.0 Diabetic  
  Body Mass Index (BMI):
BMI (kg/m2)
Less than 18.5 Underweight Risk of nutritional deficiency disease and osteoporosis
18.5 to 22.9 Normal Low Risk
(Healthy Range)
23.0 to 27.4 Overweight Moderate Risk
27.5 and above Obese High Risk
Start by taking the first step and visit your doctor for a health check to determine your risk of CVD. Your heart health depends on it.